There is beauty and then there is beauty. These shoes by Riccardo Bestetti fall into both categories. There is nothing quite like a whole cut shoe in crocodile, as I believe this is the only way that one should have it. Just the other day, this American gentleman was in G&H and he had a pair of crocodile cowboy boots in sea blue coloring that he wanted me to shine. While I was not so enamored with the fact that they were cowboy boots, I was head over heels for the leather in the magnificent blue that it was in. It made me think that one day, when I have enough money, I might commission Mr. Bestetti to make me a pair of these whole cuts in blue crocodile. What a sight that will be…. Anyway, enjoy the beautiful pieces of art that these are, and don’t get too jealous of that beautiful fiddleback waist.

13 thoughts on “Today’s Favorites – Crocodile Whole Cuts by Riccardo Bestetti”

  1. Absolutely amazing, but just like a porsche speedster, a dream…

    Sorry to bother you again with a question, have you ever heared of this parisian store Caulaincourt? They have some interesting stuff on their site but I would really appreciate your opinion on them if you have one. I will go to Paris next month and maybe I will pay them a visit. The site is:

    Thank you in advance,


  2. Crocodile/reptile leather doesn’t cherish my eye at all, but I have to admit that the wholecut must be the best choice when making a pair. The texture is just too violent to be used as an mere detail.


  3. Crocodile/reptile leather doesn’t cherish my eye at all, but I have to admit that the wholecut must be the best choice when making a pair. The texture is just too violent to be used as an mere detail.


  4. Valeriut – I cannot say that I have ever had the pleasure of seeing them in person, so cannot speak for the quality of the leather. They look nice though. However, there are other options out there for better constructions with less expensive prices if you are interested….
    Septieme Largeur for one.

    Osto – It never did for me either until I saw them in whole cuts by bespoke makers, in colors other than black or brown. But now I can appreciate them a little more…

    -Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

  5. Thank you so much for recomending Septieme Largeur to me, my first 2 pairs have arrived and I couldn’t be happier with them! SL is at the perfect price range for me.
    Now if I work hard maybe one day I could afford those beauties above! Ok, wake me up now…

    Thanks again and sorry for the offtopic, Valeriu

  6. Dear Justin,I believe you really make an impact through your blog, discovering it opened my eyes about shoes so I reccomended it to my boss and to a dear friend, they will probabily reccomand it further and so on. After seeing what beauties you post here, it is almost impossibile to settle for crappy shoes from Zara or Massimo Dutti like I did before.Since I discovered it I bought a pair of Santoni I found at a good discount, a pair of Crockett & Jones, a pair of Magnanni and the two SL pairs(I’m still a little sensibile to the price, since I am not rich and it tends to get addicive, I keep wanting more). I am trying to cover the basics first, then I will save up to buy some more bold colored and shaped shoes that probabily will only get some occasional wear. It is incredibile how big the difference is, people compliment my shoes a lot and they can’t believe that my suits are from Massimo Dutti…
    It is also super nice that you answer to most of the people who comment and try to help them and give useful advice. I think that is what separates a good blog from a great one. I just hope you will still keep this nice attitude when you will have your company and when it will grow bigger…

    Have a nice day, Valeriu

  7. I am exploiting your kindness now, but can you please explain something to me? When ordering bespoke shoes, can the shoe maker make a special shape if you so ask for?I’m not sure you understeand what I mean, so I’ll try to give an example: I really love the shape of this Bestetti shoes so bringing the pictures to a cheaper bespoke maker, like Vass, can they replicate this shape? I’ve seen that most bespoke artists have their own style on the final product, and out of all that I like how Bestetti shoes look best. This is just for my information, at least for now.Sorry for not knowing how to ask the question right, my english is not fabolous…

    thanks again, Valeriu

    PS: I must be killing you with questions, but please bare with me, I just found this new passion and pretty much you are my only source tht I can ask…

  8. Valeriu – As always, I thank you for all of your kind words. As I grow bigger, I will definitely do my best to maintain my same level of consistency when it comes to communicating with my supporters, since without all of you, my popularity would not exist and am therefore always appreciative. Obviously this is easier said than done, but it will always be a priority of mine.

    As far as your question goes, yes, the bespoke maker, or whomever makes the last should be able to make whatever you request, so long as it maintains the proportions of the foot. Obviously, when you talk about copying someone else’s specialty, it will be hard for the copier to make it as good as the one who specializes in it. So, Vass could make a Bestetti last, but it will most likely not be dead-on the same, unless they are using machines to make their lasts. But by hand, no last can be exactly replicated. I hope this makes sense.

    The short answer to your question is: Yes.



  9. Thank you, the answer helps a lot. For now this is only for my general knowledge. I can’t imagine right now ever beeing able to buy a pair of Bestetti, but who knows…I really love the toe shape on those croc wholecuts, I think it is the coolest shape I have ever seen, I look at them every single day…but I imagine those to be in the 6-7000euro range…


  10. Those are interesting. Personally, I am not too enamored of this particular style. I prefer boots in crocodile skin. I would have liked to see the cowboy boots that you saw in them.

    I am going to get a pair of shoes in Tilapia leather one day. The sandals I’ve seen look attractive and are usually in interesting colors. The shade that those shoes you have here are in is attractive too but I would prefer them in a shade of brown.

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