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It’s been another one of those Mondays that I just could not seem to get the time to bust out my long post. That being, it will have to wait until tomorrow, and you all will just have to settle with a short, but sweet post for today.

While I had never really been the biggest fan of this type of shoe, until I saw a version made by Riccardo Bestetti, I must say that with shoes like this, amongst others that he has done, he continues to impress me with the concoctions that creates. I almost feel that with the way that he shapes his lasts, he could make an ugly pattern look good, and that’s saying a lot. Nevertheless, this model here, as he coined ‘The Gladiotor,’ is actually one of his personal shoes, as is indicated from the word ‘Mie’ that is shown on his last, which means ‘mine.’ And what a name given intelligently….for this shoe looks like it could go to hell and back and still be standing. Nevertheless, I thought that some of you might appreciate this.

Another thing that you might all appreciate is the fact that today I am meeting with some individuals who are going to be creating the website for my Shoe Snob shoe products, of which I will sell off of so that I can stop using eBay….I am quite excited about this and getting it off of the ground……my shoes on the other hand, are still happening, but are taking quite a standstill as there have been some kinks in my ability to go to the factory….But fret not, these shoes will come out, I promise!

3 thoughts on “Today’s Favorites – Bestetti’s ‘Gladiators’”

  1. Not a huge fan of the squared off toe, but the detail in the brogueing as well as the shapes that he cut, make it an exquisite shoe. I would wear this, and be delighted to do so.

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