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These days, I unfortunately don’t have a lot of time to peruse through blogs as much as I would like to, let alone read them, which is a shame really, as I believe that blogs these days are among the leaders in providing useful information, particularly within the men’s style industry. But, every now and then (while searching for photos of shoes), I stumble across a diamond in the rough. It’s not actually how I found the blog, Monsiuer Bespoke, (which has now been updated to Passaggio Club) of which you can credit all of the photos shown in this post, but am glad that I found it nonetheless. While the blog appears to be new (having only one page of ‘older posts’) and is in Italian, I can assure you that I don’t think I have ever seen such an array of amazing outfits and shoes all in one spot. Granted, it would appear the writer is an acquaintance of Mr. Bestetti and therefore favors his footwear at the current moment (hence all of the photos) but also seemed to have the inside scoop on all of the coolest outfits at the most recent Pitti Uomo.

Shoes by: Riccardo Bestetti

Aside from writing a nice blog with cool pictures, Mr. Cerruti (the author) is apparently also the proprietor of bespoke tie firm in Milan, called Passagio Cravatte. Most of you don’t know this about me, but apart from shoes, ties are another one of my sicknesses (back up to around 60 now, before I gave away 40 prior to coming to Europe). That being, when I looked at the site and the ties that have been made, I was incredibly impressed! What’s cool about the company is that each tie is unique to the individual, where you go to the shop, pick a cloth that you fancy (as well as a bunch of other important things) and then have the tie made to your liking. I can tell you when I make my first bit of real money, I am going to visit this shop and have a heyday! Well, I thought that you all might enjoy something new to look at, something that provides a bit more ideas in the suit department and something can help you learn a little bit of the Italian language!

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