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The problem with bespoke shoes, is that sometimes they look so damn good that they don’t even look like footwear, more just look like art for the sake of showcasing. For me, Riccardo Bestetti’s shoes resemble this idea, probably more so than any other maker that I know. The reason that I say this, even though I may believe other makers make shoes more directed to my particular taste, is the fact that when I look at his shoes, they look like they were done by hand, without a second guess, just like a piece of art would be. The lines (and/or curvature) in his footwear from heel to sole, from toe to vamp, to the shaping of the last and the coloring of the leather are all things that you could never really see on a RTW shoe (a shoe done by machine). These are all things that he has done himself, with his passion for footwear, and trying to make the best final product possible. And he does a damn good job at doing so, because I must say that even if I don’t like a shoe that he does, say because of the style or shape of the toe, you can be sure that I will at least respect and admire it and still find it beautiful. There is no denying that each shoe that I have posted here is an absolute work of art. You can’t help but like them, even if you would never wear them. That’s inspirational, and I commend Mr. Bestetti for his talent!

On a side note, I wanted to say that I appreciate everyone that either left a comment or emailed me directly in regards to the email that I received from that reader. I truly appreciate all of the support, the kind words, and vote of confidence that many of you have for me. And while I would never let something like this ever stop me from doing what I feel that I need and want to do, I must say that it is all of you (no corniness here) that help to keep me going, especially when the end of that tunnel looks miles away. I therefore truly thank each and every one of you that continue to read my blog, make comments and support my dreams. And I hope that with my growth, I can continue to repay you all with something entertaining yet knowledgeable to read, as well as great footwear and the complementary products!

-Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

7 thoughts on “When a Shoe Looks Like a Piece of Art”

  1. viv la Riccardo Bestetti!…..Designs are Great,and Patinas are Greater…….as always,Incredible Article and Epic Photos Justin…….

  2. @Justin thank you for your offer, he finally wrote back and hopefully I’ll have a pair gracing my feet in a not too distant future 🙂

  3. Anon – He definitely did not change his mind, but you have to take into account how long it takes to create a factory line. He told me that by the end of the month his shoes will be done and should be selling in some store in Korea. He will send me pics to share with all of you….


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