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It’s rare to meet someone so passionate about something that they end up truly dedicating their entire life to it. Passion like this is often rare as it’s frightening to be dedicated to only one thing, as the risk of failure makes it hard to swallow the idea of having to fall back on anything else. But when you do meet someone like this, they are usually among the best in their field, such as the case is with Mr. Bestetti. And although I have never met him in person, the exchanges that we have had over email and what I have seen of him and his work on the world wide web, make me feel without a doubt that he is one of these people. And that is why I love so many of his shoes, even if I don’t like a particular model I at least respect it, as you can see clearly that so much thought and passion went into it. And that’s what makes them beautiful even if you would never wear it, you admire it. Therefore, as many of you also like his work, I thought that I would scrounge up a few more pictures that I did not already have and share them with you!

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