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What more is there to say??? Nothing that leaves Bestetti’s factory seems to be short of spectacular. I guess what I can touch on that I don’t believe I have before is the fact that all his shoes from the top of the facing all the way down to the front of the toe box, seem to always have the most elegant curvature imaginable…..the only problem is that it looks like it would only be for someone with a high instep. That being, a poor sod like me, with a terribly low instep, would not have that beautiful curve if I were to be able to ever afford myself a pair of his bespoke beauties……Nevertheless, the more that I see pigskin, the more that I want to commission a pair. At first glance (un-shined) I don’t find it that nice, but once it has a nice bit of shine to it, it takes a new form and looks spectacular! This one presented is my idea of the perfect black shoe. While black leather alone is so common and nothing special, something like pigskin that has a bit of texture, makes it so much more appealing to me. Well done to whomever ordered this shoe! Oh, it’s a pair for Mr Bestetti himself, as indicated by R.B…… must be nice!

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