Riccardo Bestetti Strikes Again

Riccardo Bestetti Strikes Again
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I have said it before and of course I will say it again: it is so great to see new designs executed, especially when it’s a play off of an existing one. This one by Riccardo Bestetti is nothing shy of brilliant. That doesn’t mean that it is my favorite, as to be be honest I am not sure if I would ever personally commission it, but it is very well done and definitely eye-catching without being over exaggerated. That’s one of the things that I really like about Bestetti and that is his knack for re-inventing old patterns in very unique and interesting ways. This one is definitely intriguing and even more so, quite sinister in it’s look, which I am sure makes it a great conversation starter for the gentleman that wears it. Well done to both customer and maker!

On another note, I am diving off of the deep end and going to Pitti Uomo 86 next week. That means that I will be away from technology for the entirety of next week. I will do my best to keep up with emails but I feel that the blog is going to be the one that suffers this time as I simply won’t have time to update it (nor will I be bringing my computer). Sorry for this inconvenience, but I do promise that next week will have some interesting updates so do stay tuned!

Riccardo Bestetti Strikes Again Riccardo Bestetti Strikes Again

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