I finally saw some Bestetti’s in person, actually twice, within the last few weeks and I simply must say that the pictures in this blog, don’t do any justice to the actual thing. Simply put: his shoes are works of art, not theoretically, but by all means, literally. I was so impressed to see and feel them in person but then that state of impression turned to sadness as I realized that I don’t yet own a pair…..Thinking about this really makes me wonder how I am going to cope with having my own brand and needing to constantly represent it, but then wanting to wear the shoes of others. On one hand, I will be Justin FitzPatrick, owner of J.FitzPatrick Footwear, but then on the other hand I will still be The Shoe Snob who talks about others’ shoes….aggghh what predicaments!! Alright, enough rambling and back to the subject at hand…..Bestett’s shoes are brilliant and if his RTW line is at all reminiscent of his bespoke, then we got a lot of competition coming to town! And in the grand scheme of things, I don’t mind because all I care about is the fact that good shoes are made, and that people are buying and then wearing them!

3 thoughts on “Bestetti – A Shoe God?….DEFINITELY!”

  1. The fact that Justin FritzPatrick loves other people’s shoes is completely natural and smart as a business. Sometimes you worry about the silliest things.

    I do wish that you would devote more words to WHY you love this shoe so much. How would you contrast this last with your favorite Vass that you posted last week, etc?

    Keep up the great work.

  2. At the risk of heresy, I don’t love these. I love boots. I love these elegant lasts and the “Gonzo” chisel toe. But I don’t love it all together. To me, these are boots that I’m not totally sure live with the last shape.

    But maybe that’s the point? An exaggerated version of a Bestetti shoe last, for a boot. Whatever the intent, they’re certainly very striking, very distinctively Bestetti, and look to be exquisitely made.

    Long live variety. 🙂

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