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One thing that you do not see that often, is people wearing red shoes. Granted, the Pope, has done a good job at trying to promote them, but it so far hasn’t seemed to catch on. I guess that I can understand why too. They do make quite a statement. When I wear my red wingtips with white piping, you can believe that there is not a shortage of looks that I receive, whether they are in adoration or in revulsion. Nevertheless, it doesn’t bother me, but then again, I don’t break them out that often. However, these ones by a.Testoni, on the other hand (although may be red), do not seem to be too overbearing. At least, this is what I gather from the picture. In person, they might blind the most conservative of sorts. However, I believe that with a nice navy suit, maybe a flannel one, these shoes could be quite a lovely contrast. Definitely a shoe for a shoe lover, and I won’t say as I usually do that they could be integrated into a business environment, because they could not. But I will say, that red can indeed pair nicely with many suit colors, should one be so creative to attempt it.

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