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You can always count on a patina artist to blow the socks off the crowd by creating a fire breathing shoe, and that is exactly what Paulus Bolten did just here in a recent collaboration with Ferrari (if I read the French script right). There are not too many color combinations more bold than red and yellow and while I hesitate to say that I myself would even rock these bad boys, I can certainly appreciate the allure that they possess. What is really interesting is how uniform the red leather is, which means that it was not actually created by patina but tanned in this color. I need to get some of that!!! But the yellow tip was definitely something created by patina and something always to appreciate. While it’s not so novel in fact, it seems to be quite popular these days to give this kind of reverse patina by stripping the color on the toe to give it a lighter color shade and thus altering entirely the look of the shoe. I guess that burnishing (darkening the toe) was the last mega-trend, so reverse burnishing must be the next one!! Let’s see how many Italian companies start doing it???!!!!

7 thoughts on “Paulus Bolten – Flame On!!”

  1. Dear Justin….
    Thanks again for this nice paper of you!!!
    As told, I would be glad to meet again here in Paris, and have some glasses of good wine or whatever you may like..! You’re too nice!!!
    I’ll be in Paris even when everybody left the post-nuclear holiday time in between the 14th july till end of September…!
    Hugo told me about the success of your shoes, congrats Dear Justin, you have the merit!!!

    cheers and hope to hear of you soon

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