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Photo Courtesy of En Grande Pompe

What a beautiful shoe!! Probably not everyone’s color of choice but it’s hard to deny that the shoe looks nothing short of amazing. While red is not that practical for day to day wear, it is a striking color nonetheless that can create great admiration and desire, particularly when put on one’s feet in an elegant way. Imagine this lovely underneath a nice mid-blue birds eye or herringbone suit (something with a soft pattern) on a hot summer’s day, with a white shirt and possibly dark burgundy (or maybe navy?) tie… Now that would be an outfit! While many of you would probably never wear this fictional outfit, I bet that you would certainly give a double take to the guy who would. And maybe now the owner of these lovelies by JM Weston (MTO) will give it a try (so egotistically assuming that he reads this blog!!). It’s nice to scour the pages of En Grande Pompe every now and then, because I really do love seeing what stylish French men come up with as MTO/Bespoke options. I tend to always see something that I love but that I know most other people would never do….just like the model presented here today….great inspiration there!!

4 thoughts on “Red JM Westons”

  1. I wish I could lay my hands on them – been looking for red dress shoes and the closet I got were EG Inverness in burgundy and G&G ST James II in vintage cherry

  2. Justin,

    As you say not everyones’s cup of tea but undoubtably beautiful. A seven lacehole configuration is unusual is it not? Is this just a style whim or is it more comfortable for a high instep foot?

    Regards, Snapper

  3. Alex B – that’s bold for you….

    Anon – you can always go to the nearest JM Weston store and order them….??? This red is far “more red” than the other two you suggested….

    Snapper – yes, JM Weston love to do a 7 eyelet shoe…it’s not my thing but to each his own…I think it is simply a style thing…not an instep one… hope that you are well my friend…go to hear from you!


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