There are not too many makers left that I am dying to get a pair from. I can definitely count them on one hand, with less than the 5 fingers. And as you can guess, Ivan Crivellaro is definitely one of them and not so much for his shoemaking capabilities, but more so for his out of this world patina work. However, the only problem with Ivan’s work is that he is so good and does things that are so intricate, detailed and beautiful, that it really makes me wonder if I would rather just have the shoe to admire rather than to actually wear on my feet. The artwork on the soles is always something amazing, yet I know that after one wear it will be 75% ruined. A shame too, as I can imagine the amount of time that he puts into one pair of soles….let alone the rest of the shoe! Nevertheless, his work (while some might find over-the-top) is worth applaud in my eyes. You can tell that he puts a lot of thought into it, and it shows. One day, I will (if he will be obliged), I will send him a pair of mine in crust leather and have him work his magic. The only question is should I tell him what I want or let him free-for-all it???

5 thoughts on “Patinas On Another Level”

  1. Breathtaking! That is a madness I would gladly embrace!

    How does one get a pair of his shoes, and how much?! Does he do patinas on other people’s shoes too, as you suggested?

    I have to say, of all the wonderful patina artists you’ve shown, this is in another league. Great post, Justin.

  2. Ramsay – yes indeed my friend…he is a genius!

    The Brands – neutral or if it is a wax, the darker shade…like burgundy on the top ones and red on the bottom ones…

    A – you have to contact him on this Facebook page that I linked to his name…I am not sure if he does patinas on other people’s shoes to be honest….Glad that you enjoyed this one!!

    David – Thanks for the input!


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