The Boot That Will Last A Lifetime!

The Boot That Will Last A Lifetime!

I have never really been so taken by cordovan leather. Not because I don’t like it or anything like that, but mainly because I was not sure that the extra cost warranted true justification. I know that cordovan leather is far stronger than your average calfskin, but when you are a guy like me that gets new shoes on a monthly basis and recycles the old ones, it’s rare that I buy to have forever. And I feel that making an investment in a cordovan leather shoe is making an investment into something that will last throughout your life and quite possibly into the lives of your progeny. But the more that I see it the more that I feel that owning a pair, one that I could constantly rely on to bear me through the rough weather and be always comfortable, the more that I think that it would not be such a bad idea! So immediately when I saw this tanker boot by Alden in black cordovan, I had an epiphany telling me that I need to get on board the Cordovan train. But more so than a boot, is the idea of a nice tassel, apron stitch loafer in either a classic burgundy colored cordovan or quite possibly that lovely whiskey-colored cordovan. That would be the model in cordovan that I would go for, and if I ever needed a second one, the it would be a tanker boot like this one!

The Boot That Will Last A Lifetime!

The Boot That Will Last A Lifetime!


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