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TLB launches their first-ever MTO promotion whereby all MTO fees are waived from today until October 5th.

Being that TLB is quite new in the industry and they started by selling their shoes to other retail stores it is not often realized that they have an MTO service and quite a good one at that. You see, the owner of the brand, Toni, is quite hands-on and when an owner is hands-on and directly involved in the process that means that you usually are able to go above and beyond.


And what do I mean by that? Well, that means that if you really want a shoe by TLB but maybe their portfolio does not show having something close to your idea, I am quite confident that as long as you are not trying to reinvent the oxford or anything of that nature, that Toni will help you realize what you are after. I say this as he has done it before for others, creating new patterns to fulfill a customer’s TLB desires. You see this in the hand-stitched diamond cap pair in black, below.



You can see a few things here that you might not have ever thought TLB did. Even more interesting are the unique models that they create for their stockists around the world that you will not find on their own site, so do make sure to check out their stockist’s selections as well. Because when it comes to MTO all of those models are fair game to order.


So have a gander at their shoes, come up with something unique and take advantage of the fact that there are no MTO fees for 5 days. You won’t regret it 😉


Get those orders in while you can!


Wishing everyone a great weekend.


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