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TLB Winter Sale


TLB Mallorca has just started its first official sale. Not to be confused with a promotion, which they have done before, this is the first time that I know that TLB has actually discounted their footwear. Now, while most of you are probably about to skip the rest and click on the link to their site, it is worth mentioning that the discount is exclusive to their mainline options and NOT the Artista line. I know that this will leave many disappointed, but the fact that they have some price discount at all is a good thing, at least for those that have be interested in any of these models.

There are only 24 Sku’s on discount in the TLB Winter Sale, of which mainly consists of oxfords, derbies, and derby boots. Sadly it is quite limited. But ultimately, there are still some great offers to be had. I particularly like the brogued oxfords on offer as well as those suede derby brogued boots.

These are apparently all being discontinued from the collection so do make sure to grab your size while you can. At the moment there seems to be pretty decent stock available. But once this gets out to the masses I can imagine them flying off the shelves with quickness! So don’t waste time!

Access the sale here:

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