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TLB Mallorca has just launched a new last in their Main Collection and along with it 26 SKUs across 14 new models. The new last is called ‘Madison’ and is very reminiscent of that classic Americana style of a round, bulbous last. It would appear to be something good for those that have broad feet and like a very conservative look, with very little to no elongation. I very much see the Alden crowd being allured by this last style and the models made. I do like the model in the featured image as I think a nice longwing brogue fits this last. But truth be told, this style of last is not something I personally gravitate towards.

TLB Shoes TLB Shoes TLB Shoes TLB Shoes TLB Shoes

It now makes sense why TLB had its first-ever sale in the Main Collection a few weeks back. They had to make way for this enormous new collection. I will be curious to see how it goes, but if I know a good shoemaker then I presume this is a calculated decision based on feedback and/or a smart move based on where they see their position in the industry. After all, things are moving more casually and a last like this is more easily transitioned to a casual look as it is the opposite of aggressive.

TLB Shoes

All of these pairs are a part of their Main Line Collection. A year ago they did a pretty hefty new collection on the Artista Line, but yet I feel myself wanting to see more of that already, especially in terms of loafers which is TLB’s main downfall. I know that many of you will also be feeling the same as the Artista line is the cream of the crop that took the industry by storm and continues to do so. Time will soon tell, but am sure that 2023 holds new greatness soon coming!

In the meanwhile, enjoy these pairs and sink your teeth into a pair of two should you fancy them!

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11 thoughts on “TLB Mallorca Launches New Last & Models”

  1. TLB Mallorca is really great value for money and I love them but… I also prefer different types of lasts, for example: Picasso last from Artista line. By the way, it’s funny how square toe is ugly & usually on cheap cemented shoes but soft chiseled toe is masterpiece 🙂
    I have about 6-7 pairs of TLB and I couldn’t find more for the buck. I guess you were right saying that they are underpriced.

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      thanks for sharing. But there is a HUGE different between a square and a chisel. Apples and organges IMHO. Glad that you have been enjoying TLB. Great shoes

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      The Shoe Snob is a blog that shows shoes from brands across the industry. One must read the posts and not just look at the pictures to understand how to purchase

  2. a chaque fois que je désire acheter je ne parviens pas a le faire car il n’ya pas moyen. pouvez-vous m’indiquer comment le faire stp ?

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