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If you have not been thoroughly inspecting over TLB Mallorca’s site in the last two months, or so, you might have missed all of the new models that they have recently been quietly releasing. And it may sound crazy but the one good thing about business being slow is that you have time to catch up on other things such as design, production, website updates, collection updates, etc. This is particularly true if you are a small brand and the owner is still directly involved, often doing 5 jobs at once. I know this first hand. I also know this to be the case for Toni, owner of TLB Mallorca.

So while it was tough that business was slow for the entire shoe industry in the last year, it is at least good to see that some brands use that time wisely to pump up their collection, in the hopes for a strong and successful rebound. TLB went above and beyond and practically doubled their offering, with new models as well as new colorways on their existing models. And doing so in both their Astista and Main Line collections. And if I am not mistaken there is still more to come. And I would hope so as the Artista line is suffering a lack of loafers which I am sure TLB fans would greatly appreciate an overhaul of new models, as only having one option is not doing them justice.

Artista line derby boots

But the mainline is about as pumped up as the Hulk when angry so one can go wild in the 4 pages of shoes on offer. Yet again, though, I see a lack of loafers, only having two options, while every other category has at least 4 options (and up). I can only imagine that new S/S2021 loafers are on the way for both collections. But do not get your hopes up as this is just speculation. Only Toni will know that.

TLB continues to gain traction in the shoe industry, commonly sought after in the shoe forums of the world. I can only imagine their growth continuing to go one way as long as quality and design continue to stay in tune with what it is now. And if you have been living under a rock lately and do not know who TLB Mallorca is, may I suggest you do yourself a favor and click the link below and see what you are missing, particularly in the Artista line.

Below you can see some my favorite of the newer models/colorways from each line. Definitely see their site to see the infinite amount more though

Artista Line Favorites

Mainline Favorites

2 thoughts on “TLB Mallorca’s Newest Models”

  1. Good article! I do agree on the lack of loafers. I find TLB to be conservative in general, but doing old school with new school elegance. Personally, I’d go for TLB for my formals, and J Fitzpatrick for semi-formal/casuals. Blueberry/kale suede? TAKE MY MONEY!!

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