The Wholecut Single Monk by Paolo Scafora

The Wholecut Single Monk by Paolo Scafora

Seeing new designs and patterns always makes me excited. My favorite part about being a shoe designer is making samples and seeing a design come to life. But of course as I dont have all of the ideas in the world, I also love to see new things created by other brilliant makers too. Paolo Scafora is a brilliant ideas guy. He makes some next level design and this wholecut single monk is one of his new ones.

This new model by Scafora is incredibly dressy. Next level formal wear (imagine it in black) that could easily replace your oxford. Question is, will it? Many people see new models like this but don’t think about what goes into them. This is a challenging pattern. And more important even harder to last over. If not done tight enough will leave excess air space inaide the shoe for the wearer. Thats why it takes handlasted shoemakers to create and maintain such beauties.

Here is to Paolo and his great, new design!

Photo courtesy of Medallion Shoes.

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