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I have never been a huge fan of the traditional single monkstrap that sweeps across the instep, having a huge buckle and thick strap leather. It always reminded me of some shoe from Old England that Friar Tuck would have worn. Not to mention the way that it sweeps across from left to right (or vice versa) without any angle to it (think Churchs famous model). It always just looked really ugly to me.

This Bontoni presented is a nice medium between that idea and the modern version of the straps sweeping back towards the heels. I cant say that I like this buckle at all but I do like how they started the strap in the middle of the facing which allow them to make it sweep backwards.

I just find that older version to be so outdated. I think the only brand that has made it semi-attractive was Corthay but even still cant get that Friar Tuck idea out of my head. Good to see Bontoni here trying things differently particularly with the beautiful longwing design that really sets this apart from most other monkstraps. If it wssnt for that design I am not sure how i would feel about it. But with it, it makes one attractive shoe!

Well done Bontoni!

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