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You can always count on Italian creativity to come up with something no one else has. Santoni started this trend of reinventing the double monk idea by making it a slip on essentially with the classic crossover double buckle strap on the cut of a loafer model.

Now Paolo Scafora does something even more thoughtful by adding straps to the butterfly loafer model. While some might find this purely aesthetic this actually is quite practical for those that either suffer from very high insteps

You see the butterfuly loafer (depending on the cut of the pattern) usually comes quite high up the instep which can make it difficult to get into and even if you can get in, can make it uncomfortable to stay into (pressure on top of the foot). From my taking of this, not only was an aesthetic design created here but also one that serves a practical purpose. I see only one hole was punched for the buckle which I am unsure if was done for the purpose of just maling a sample or thats how they will come into production. Either way there is space for subsequent holes to allow for more instep room for those that may need it.

This model is not yet live on their site but am sure you can email up Paolo and get your order in for those that like the idea. Well done to my friend for creating something truly unique!