Here we take a look at Paolo Scafora’s exquisite footwear and the details that make his footwear so unique. One of the kings of construction there is no style of shoe Paolo cannot make and is known for his flexible welted Norwegian construction, as shown in this video.

There is no surprise why Paolo is one of the best in the industry.

Learn more about Paolo Scafora at the link:

2 thoughts on “Video Series – Up Close Details – Paolo Scafora”

  1. Very nice review, Justin. More often than not, I fall in love with the PS shoes you review. I think the last pair was the Grigio single monks with an X on the toebox. I managed to get myself into a pair of those. But I can’t seem to find this pair on his Italian or US site. Do you perhaps have a name for these to help me in my search?

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