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There is new-ish, young Italian brand doing some very bold and interesting things. And their name is Edhen†Milano. What first caught my eye was their take on the double monk loafer, as popularized by Santoni some years back. Then what got me really looking was their take on the Butterfly loafer, as seen above. I liked the pairing between suede and leather and even more so the burnishing on the brogueing bits which I thought was a very nice touch that gave some beautiful depth and uniqueness to the model. And now it would appear that there is nothing that they don’t do, except traditional dress shoes, which I can certainly respect for boldness and bravery.

I can’t say that I would wear most of their shoes but I like the edge to them and it makes me curious to know what they will do next as it would appear that they take classic ideas and put very modern and bold twists to them, which is always exciting to see. One of the latest is the double monk plimsole shoe which I actually think that I would wear considering most of my days are spent in jeans. A good fusion between dress and casual is all of the rage these days so doing it well is going to take some brands to the next level. Let’s see if Edhen will get there!

Well done gents for coming out with something strong, bold and different!


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