VASS Boots all photos Courtesy of Style Forum
VASS Boots all photos Courtesy of Style Forum

I have been really really getting into boots as of late. I mean, far worse than I already was if you can believe that. The more that I see them the more that I want them, all styles included too; from balmoral boots, to spat boots, to derby Boots and all the lovely chukka boots. Doing a count in my head, I just realized that I now own 8 boots (after literally just giving one away yesterday) and another one on the way (my bespoke G&G’s!). And my thirst for them is only now beginning. I mean, I don’t even have a spat boot yet and this disappoints me thoroughly (don’t worry I am not really this sad). Now to get to the point at hand, I would say that in the past I would have seen this boot and probably thought nothing of it. But now that this sickness for boots and owning them is plaguing my very existence, I find myself incredibly attracted to this simplistic boot by Laszlo Vass.

What I think has been the turning point with me and the idea of owning boots is that due to their casual yet smart nature, they have almost replaced trainers for me. That being, all of the trainers that I have and only ever wore on Sundays, I now find myself bypassing them altogether and going straight for one of my boots. And this boot by VASS looks like a great example of something that would sit just right underneath my semi-smart Sunday attire. It’s clean and simple which gives it a casual but also smart presence. You would never dress it up but it would sit well with almost anything casual or semi-smart. And that is what I am starting to love about boots. Their versatility is simply brilliant….

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8 thoughts on “The Simple Boot by VASS”

    1. will never ever ever edit out the denim jeans…don’t forget that even though I live in Britain, I am not British 😉 By the way, it would appear that you are not keeping up with your blog???

  1. I have to admit that up until about 2-3 yers ago I really had no interest in boots – outside of that needed to get me through the winter. But once I caught the boot bug, I was amazed by the array of appealing options. In that time, I’ve added boots from the likes of Carmina, EG, G&G and Bonafe. I’d love to have a Vass in the mix at some point, and this is a very nice pair that you have shown.

  2. I can imagine, it has been a rough one….no snow here but no shortage of downpour either…on a positive note, going to the factory on Monday to check the completed shoes, one of them being yours!

  3. and thanks for the correction. My English never advanced past 7th grade as I always hated the class and the teachers. I wish now that I would have loved it….oh well such is life

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