Photos courtesy of Style Forum -- Boot by Laszlo Vass
All photos courtesy of Style Forum — Boot by Laszlo Vass

The handstitch apron toe seems to be coming back in trend and I must say that I am quite pleased by it. When I was younger (not that I am old!), I had a love/hate relationship with apron toed shoes. I mean, the Italians have always done them well, and when they are done well, they look amazing. But the opposite also rings true. When an apron stitch doesn’t suit the last or follow the curve properly, it becomes the ugliest thing and for me, destroys the shoe not matter how beautiful it may have been. But a great deal of shoemakers are doing them very well and on boots too, such as these Vass and G&G numbers shown. These two are probably the best that I have seen yet, at least on a boot version. Now let’s sit back and see how long it lasts. Do I hop on board? Nah, I can’t stray away from my balmoral oxford boot love!! But a derby shoe might be in order!

G&G Thorpe

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