JM Weston A/W2014

I have been in a crazy rush today as I had taken off yesterday to tour my family around London, so everything is a bit delayed today, including emails as per usual. So bear with me if you have an outstanding one. But as always I will respond to it all.

I have recently been made aware of JM Weston’s new upcoming A/WW 2014 range and I wanted to share it with all of you. I must say that it is quite different for JM Weston (a very French company). When I look at these shoes, while liking them for something a bit more substantially robust, I can’t help but be reminded of a something that is inherently English. Maybe that is just my perception, but it does look like English but maybe with a French twist. Either way, it’s interesting to see a new take on the oxford. And I quite like the whole cut looking casual boot, but I can’t say that I am so crazy about the more rugged soled dress shoes/boots. Either way, I love to see new things and I am sure that there are many of you, particularly in England, whom might find these appealing!

JM Weston A/W2014 140520_020_317_V2 300 140520_070_026_V2 300 140520_080_293_V2 300 140520_100_081_V2 300 140520_130_065_V2 300_ROUGE FONCE 140520_140_602_V2 300 140520_150_219_V2 300 140520_210_035-2_V2 300 J.M.WESTON-#01-2 J.M.WESTON-#02-2 J.M.WESTON-#03-2 J.M.WESTON-#04-2 J.M.WESTON-#05-2_V2 300 J.M.WESTON-#06-2 J.M.WESTON-#07-2 J.M.WESTON-#07-2-modifCOULEUR J.M.WESTON-#09-2_V2 300 J.M.WESTON-#10-2

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