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There aren’t too many ways you can change a tassel loafer. It’s a straight forward design that does not leave room for much else. The exception, as shown here by Laszlo Vass, is to do everything that a tassel loafer would normally have but removing the tassels themselves and just allowing the string to follow through end to end. And I think that it is great! I like tassels too but this is the solution for all of those that like the look of a tassel loafer but hate the tassels. Well fret not as here is your answer. And I feel that this is going to be something that we see a lot more of in the coming year(s) as brands (mainly new ones) will try to differentiate themselves from the rest. Mark my words on that.

All photos courtesy of BLUE LOAFERS where you can also read more about the loafer itself and the inspiration behind it.

vass_bl005ed-1024x682 vass_bl014ed-683x1024 vass_bl029ed-1024x682 vass_bl096ed-1024x682

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