For the longest time, Belgian-styled loafers were dominated by one brand, the brand that brought them over to the US and made them popular, worldwide. But, as is often the case, iconic brands forget to keep up with the times and often find themselves getting left behind while younger, more hungry brands come forth and reinvent the original designs. They modernize the idea behind the design, find a new audience, and thus revitalize an iconic piece as was the case with the Sagan loafer, by Baudoin & Lange.  And a long way Baudoin & Lange have come since the original Sagan Loafer.

Their latest version, the Sagan Stride, incorporates a sole much more in-tune with the original Belgian loafer style that took the menswear scene by storm. And I am happy to see this, to be honest, as the first Sagan with the super-thin leather sole just killed my feet, personally speaking. That is not to say that they are not comfortable, as many would say otherwise, but just that I cannot wear blake/cemented shoes with thin soles and heels. My feet don’t do well there. Hence the appeal to this thinner rubber injected sole that appears to have the cushion that I, and potentially many others, need to be comfortable in this style of shoe.

I can only imagine that this upgrade has been well-received by the masses. They certainly intrigued me. And it is nice to see how large of a collection they have in them i.e. how many color offerings in various sole choices. I would be curious to know which is the best seller. My favorites are naturally the ones highlighted in this post, and I could see myself beating the heck out of the black-on-black pair. But I do also find intriguing this ‘Greige’ suede they have which is quite unique in color. What about you? Which one is your favorite? Who owns a pair that can vouch for their comfort? Leave your comments below.

My only hangup is the £280 price tag (circa $400), which is no easy swallow. But, I do know from my first pair, that the materials used are very high quality. And if the durability is equal, well then, I dare say you will be getting what you pay for!


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