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I have never actually been a fan of the spade sole for my own personal use, but I have always appreciated the aggressive look and craftsmanship behind it. I think that it really shows purpose and quality, because creating it is not so easy, not to do it well at least. Someone else felt similar and even more so because he loved it enough to make a dedicated brand out of that idea, and even more so the designs of American made shoes of the ’30s-’50s, which for me, made some of the coolest patterns ever created, like the featured model above. His name is Anders Sundström, of Sweden and he is a real shoe fan. Not only has he started this company but he was also the first shoe shine Champion of Sweden, from the competition that is hosted by Jesper of Shoegazing Blog. It is always nice to know a back story as that will show you the passion behind the brand and it would appear that Anders is very passionate and I love that about him and this project.



The spade sole is not for everyone but the people that love it, really love it. It has a cult-like following that tends to wear that and only that. And why not? It’s unique, intriguing and exclusive. The things that tend to get followings, like Patek Philippe watches. All humor aside, I know that once the spade sole crowd finds out about this brand, they are going to be a bunch of happy campers as finally someone is dedicating themselves to this long-lost art form of craftsmanship. And with support, hopefully, Ace of Spades can grow and come out with some other very cool patterns that just might intrigue me enough to try a pair!



Some more practical info about the shoes/company is as follows:

  1. They are completely handmade, out of mainland China (see the photos for proof of that) in a small workshop.
  2. The company is just starting so they are mainly doing MTO orders for now.
  3. MTO orders take around 1-2 months
  4. The company is based in Sweden, although the shoes are made in China
  5. The website has room for improvement and Anders knows this, and admits so, as he is focusing all of his efforts on making the best shoes he can for the price. The website is a work in progress. Do not let this affect your decision to support. And if you are confused and want to make an order, you can easily reach Anders for help on Instagram or by email
  6. Pricing is from $799 for customized handmade spade sole shoes. I have to say, that is one heck of a price.

The quality of the shoes looks great. Of course, for this price, they won’t be giving you robotic-like finishing but for handsewn welts and soles, and trimming on the spade sole, you are getting some great bang for your buck here.

I look forward to seeing what people create here and new models put in the works. I am particularly crazy about that top one. So cool and unique. A very well done to Anders for realizing his dream of bringing spade sole footwear back! Here’s to his success!


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