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There is something very appealing about Hippo leather. Its aged-looking yet fine detailing nature really makes it unique compared to most other exotics. It looks like an old skin that has lived a thousand years but, for me, that’s what makes it look so cool, at least in this suede-like version. The loafers first caught my eye and I was really blown away by how awesome they looked. And then they, being Romanian shoemakers Petru & Claymoor, made this chukka boot and I saw a cool pattern that I think they will soon be capitalizing on as it is not often seen yet is infinitely intriguing. Sorry for the run-off sentence, but it’s one of those days where time is tight yet want to get out cool content!

So, I saw these, they blew me away and now I am eager to see what is next. Imagine a brogued oxford? Or a balmoral boot. I hope that P&C makes a capsule collection from this leather as I can see it performing really well. And my question is, is it available in other colors? Imagine a dark navy. That would be cool. Or a deep red or even burgundy. You can see my mind running, right?! That’s how cool this leather is. I almost feel excited. Imagine that! Maybe one day, I will enter the world of exotics. First, I have to tackle a few other obstacles. For now, I will let you order a pair directly from Petru & Claymoor. Let’s see what you can come up with? And if you have yet to hear about P&C, make sure to check out their intro post found HERE.

Which one do you like it better in? The loafer or the chukka? Me? I say loafer!


4 thoughts on “Petru & Claymoor – Hippo Leather”

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Pretty sure leather for shoes is never the first reason why it was acquired. The leather industry is quite heavily regulated fyi


    Hippo leather comes from natural death hippos, that is why it is heavily scared and shows a long age to the skin.

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