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The Group Shot!
Photo Courtesy of Monsieur Greg

They say that you can tell a lot about a man by looking at this shoes. Hmmm, wonder what that says about me?!! Not that it matters, but it does mean that I do love seeing a group shot of other people’s shoes to get to know a bit about their personality. With this picture, which I think was very well done with the earthly tones and color coordination, it tells me that the man is classic in his job/attire but has a side that dares to be a bit more bold. But a great selection nonetheless (of course I would be a bit bias) and I really love those loafers at the front that appear to have an Edward Green tree in them but look more like a Lobb to me. Then again he does have G&G trees in my shoes which actually seems to fill them out quite well!!

A great weekend to all and don’t get too wet for those of you in Sunny ‘ol London!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

1 thought on “The Group Shot!”

  1. What an honor to read this article about my photo !
    The loafers are the Piccadilly model by Edward Green, with an homemade patina, and GG shoe trees (MH71 last) fits perfectly to my pair of Wallingford 😉

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