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We went a bit overboard this year on our S/S2016 collection, bringing in a total of 14 new SKU’s of which are heavily geared towards bright colored suedes and two toned oxfords. We put an emphasis on expanding the color offering on our Madison penny loafer, now coming in 3 calfskin and 3 suede options. We are particularly excited about the burgundy and green suede options which we feel would be great addition to any man’s wardrobe as they are so complementary to your average Summer attire.

We also reintroduced a few of our older models (from our launching collection back in 2013) which are the Corliss and the Phinney. On both models we changed lasts from the original offering, the Phinney now on LPB (from TMG) and the Corliss now on the NGT (from TMG). We thought a bit of change is always good.

There are two new models being introduced into the J.FitzPatrick Footwear collection, the Sebastien longwing oxford and the Shoreline saddle loafer. These two models push the boundary of design by twisting classic ideas to create modern features. Let’s see how they go!

We hope that you all enjoy our new offering and please don’t hesitate to ask us anything should you need assistance:


The Laurelhurst in Navy Museum Calf on TMG Last — We just thought that this would be fun and a good alternative to our classic loafer previously coming in just black and burgundy.

The Madison in Burgundy Suede on TMG Last — Just one of many new colors, we thought that this would be something fun to offer as it is such a great color!


The Madison in Forest Green Suede — We love green this year and especially in suede. We felt that a loafer like this could really fit well into any man’s wardrobe.



The Madison in Plum Museum Calf — The oxblood colored penny loafer is an iconic shoe model so we thought we would add that to the mix as we particularly love that shade of color in a loafer.



The Shoreline in Blue Canvas/Navy Museum Calf on MGF Last — This was our wild card for the season. You are either going to love it or hate it. Either way, it’s something new to be seen!



The Corliss III in Burgundy Calf/Burgundy Scotch Grain on NGT Last — We have been wanting to reintroduce our original double monk model for a while now, so we did and made it in a color that would surely never go unnoticed.


Medina in Bitter Chocolate Suede on LPB Last — I always love this model and thought that it would be more appreciated in suede, so am giving it a go to test the waters. But it did come up nice in my opinion!



The Phinney II in Shaded Grey Calf/Navy Tukwila on LPB Last — I love blue and grey together and wanted to see the Phinney in a two toned version so thought that I would rub two apples together to see if it would make an orange! 🙂



The Rainier III in Forest Green Calf/Forest Green Suede & Tan Soft Grain/Snuff Suede, both on LPB Last — The Rainier model has proven to be a favorite among the customers so we wanted to road test a few new colorways on a new last to see how they were received. And again we just love green and wanted to see it all around!


Sebastien in Navy Museum/Mid Grey Suede on LPB Last- Our version of a slick longwing. We have one two tone, as shown, and one coming in museum calf. If you fancy something a bit more on the daring and unique side, this is for you!


Tony II in Black Calf on LPB Last – While we loved our classic Tony on the JKF last, we could not argue with the demand and popularity of the LPB last so had to put it on there and see how it goes. We think you will be happy with the decision.

Wallingford II in Black Calf on MGF Last — Following the Burgundy color, we wanted to offer a new black oxford that provided something different to the rest of what we offer. And the quarter brogue is the perfect alternative to those that don’t want a classic cap toe, nor a full brogue, nor a wholecut.


The Magnolia, Wallingford, Madison and Wedgwood now in Dark Brown Museum Calf


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2 thoughts on “J.FitzPatrick S/S2016 Collection Now Available!”

  1. Beautiful new collection, Justin – especially all the green!! Shame I missed your trunk show the last time you were in Singapore. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to be back, otherwise I’ll have to wait to travel to London on December holiday to snag some of your stuff! – M

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