Saint Crispins New Double Monk: Not Yet Released!

Saint Crispins New Double Monk: Not Yet Released!

What’s great about Saint Crispins is that they are always trying new things, on a regular basis. When I was in Romania looking at their model selection (post to come soon about my trip), I was amazed at how many different models that they had done before. It was literally in the 100’s, if not more. But I guess that when you make one-off shoes, that is the way it kind of has to be. Nevertheless, I find it great, as there is nothing more exciting than seeing a new designed realized. This one being a new one for them, yet to be released, is quite reminiscent of Santoni’s loafer like double monk shoe. Although I find this one more appealing as the monk does not go so low down the vamp, but instead more closely maintains the position of a classic double monk. When I tried it on, it fit and looked sublime….now I look forward to seeing what color combinations they start doing! (and the leather is deer/doe skin if I remember correctly)

On another note, a young American blogger and English teacher living in Hong Kong by the name of Chris Tuazon was kind enough to write about me during my visit to HK. He asked some things that many other interviewers haven’t so if you are keen to read yet another tale of my life, HERE IS THE LINK.

Saint Crispins New Double Monk: Not Yet Released!

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