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The J.FitzPatrick Footwear Summer Sale has now begun and there are lots of good things to choose from!

We have broken it down into two categories:

1. Core products discounted at 10% off  and 2. Seasonal products at 20% off

The Seasonal products will not be coming back so if you happened to like one of them now is your chance to get it before it is gone. That list includes:

–Aurora button shoes in both colors
–Ballard chukka boots in both colors
–Genesee jodhpur boot in Rugged Brown
–Hawthorne butterfly loafer in Blue Suede and Olive Suede
–Laurelhurst wholecut loafer in Black calf
–Lynwood hand-sewn apron derby in 4 colors
–Montlake hand-sewn apron double monkstrap in Dark Brown Suede
–Roosevelt two tone oxford in Caramel Calf/Snuff Suede
–Wallingford II quarter brogue oxford in Dark Brown Museum Calf
–Windermere semi-brogue oxford in Mocha Calf

We chose to also discount our core products as a way to give you a slightly better deal than normal. And remember that all The Shoe Snob accessories are still on sale at 20% off.

If there is something that you want to buy but it is not in stock, we can presell it to you at the sale price for shipment upon arrival. However please do take note of several things:

  1. We require upfront payment for presale products given at a discounted price
  2. While we shall receive a restock of our core products in Sept/Oct, we will quote your presale as coming 3-4 months from Sept. 1st which is when we shall place another restock. Whatever comes into stock in Sept/Oct will be sent to presale purchasers on a first come, first serve basis. For example, if two people buy Tony II Black in UK7 and we have one coming in September, the person that purchased first will get his in September and the other person will have to wait until the new restock comes in, 3-4 months from September 1st. – Core products will be presold only at 10% off.
  3. All seasonal products will arrive 3-4 months from Sept. 1st and will have a top out presale disount of 20% off. These will also be non-refundable.

Please email for all enquiries

Happy Shopping and a lovely weekend to all!!

Justin, ‘The Shoe Snob’


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