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Paolo Scafora has made what looks like the most complex pattern ever made, at least for a RTW production-style shoe. I thought that the tarsal brogue was the ultimate option in brogued footwear but these take it to a whole new level. Simply called Article 841, the model has yet to make it on the website but has been welcomed on their IG page, hence the screengrab of the story-like image, below. I would imagine that soon it will become an orderable model and in the meanwhile, you can contemplate what color you would want it in, if any. I wonder if someone would ever be so bold enough to put contrasting suede leather in the cat-eye-shaped figures between the wrap-around brogueing areas. That would be something else and would like to see how that looks. Bold to say the least. The question will be, cool or not?

This shoe will definitely be considered overkill by many. But if you appreciate shoes the way I do, you see greatness. Not only in terms of pattern making/design, but upper closing as well. That’s not an easy upper to get right. So many chances to go wrong. But they nail it and that takes a lot of skill. So whether this pattern is overkill or not, it is a feat in itself that deserves praise, if nothing more for the craftsmanship behind it. Well done!

Paolo continues to impress and push the envelope of design, something that I can always appreciate.

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