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Paolo Scafora

I have always been a fan of Paolo Scafora. And it is not just for his amazing shoes but also because he a great individual, one that is genuine and passionate. These two traits always show in great shoemakers as they, for me, are prerequisites for lasting in this industry, one that can be very tough and cut-throat.

So as Paolo carried these admirable traits I had always hoped that his shoes would get the publicity I felt they deserved. But the internet is a fickle thing and one can be great always and never talked about until the right voice or entity markets them. In steps Skoaktiebolaget, who has had a tremendous run at growing brands, and decides to start stocking the shoes of Paolo Scafora.

I have been pleased by this great choice and only hope that Paolo now finally gets the attention he deserves on the World Wide Web as his shoes are exquisite pieces in themselves!

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