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There are two things that I have been enjoying lately: 1. Braided leather/suede shoes and 2. Sneakers. In my ripe age of 34, I feel that I am becoming quite rigid in my mentality of what I want to wear these days. While I am sitting and writing this, I have a pair of navy calfskin balmoral boots with black suede uppers but feel that going so bold is just not quite in me anymore. This is now almost as bold as I get. The rest of my outfit is all black and a navy blue scarf. And I have a closet full of bold stuff yet find myself wearing mainly my new sneaker range shoes and chelsea boots (and butterfly or braided loafers in the Summer). And on occasion, I break out a button boot.

So with my new shoe passions, you can imagine how I felt when I saw this pair of Carlos Santos sneakers for Shoesfever of South Korea. Well to tell you, I nearly fell in love as this sums up what I am really digging at the moment and am sure that if I had pair it would get more use than it should. So thankfully I don’t as I am trying really hard to wear the shoes that are just collecting dust in my closet. But omitting this from my collection won’t last long as next Summer I want to be in one. For those that can’t wait, head to shoesfever to get your pair!

Happy Shopping

Justin FitzPatrick

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