There is a new trainer company in town, hailing from Sweden and making some nice, Italian produced trainers in a very simple, classic and elegant derby pattern. They are called Sweyd Footwear.

In the last few years, trainers have been gaining a lot of ground in the industry due†Italian style and their fusion of dress. Many†gentlemen these days are pairing chinos with a jacket and a pair of slim looking trainers underneath, tying it all together quite well in fact. Or even in more extreme cases, they are disregarding the dress shoe altogether and wearing shoes like this with an entire suit as you see the famous Andreas Weinas, of Sweden, doing and making look good at that!

In this day and age where norms are going out the window (in some cases rightfully so, in others not so much), wearing smart trainers like this with a suit has a fine line between looking good and going overboard. I think that wearing very simple, and smart trainers,†is okay with a cotton suit or something more deconstructed and lightweight but would simply not fair well in a more Winter attire outfit, especially if constructed with hard shoulders (i.e. more British looking). But Andreas pulls it off great with his polo shirt and slim cut trousers on a soft cut look.

Nonetheless, Sweyd is a great addition to the market, one that for me brings a nice look of logo-free, classic and elegant sneakers. Made in Italy, they will set you back at ‚ā¨230, but for a good product, this is not asking much compared to what else is out there selling for more, where customers are mainly paying for the name.

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  1. Hi Justin,
    How do these sneakers compare to common projects? I like the CP Achilles a lot, but they tend to squeek when I walk.

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