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It’s been a long time coming, but the day has finally arrived for us to show our new sneaker line to the world. After working for a year and a half on the samples and getting the production/design right, we finally have a solid collection that we felt could well represent our entrance into this new and exciting market.


My love of shoes really started with sneakers. I remember before moving to Italy back in ’09 I had around 100 pairs of just sneakers. In my height of craziness, I used to always have two pairs of Nike Air Force Ones. Once that I wore and one that I kept fresh. And when the ones worn were tired, I gave them away, broke out the fresh ones and then bought another fresh one for safe keeping. That was the gravity of my sneaker addiction. And that is where the inspiration of our ‘all-white’ sneaker comes from. A sort of ‘grown-up’ version of the AF1: A shoe that goes with everything. And like my youth, believe it or not, I have two pairs of them!



Our focus for this collection was simple: quality and comfort. Our shoes are 100% Italian made. From the sole, to the upper to the lining leather, the materials are sourced in Italy. Our suede is even the same that we use on the uppers of our button boots. The lining is calfskin. The quality is top notch for the sneaker world.

But more importantly is the comfort. There is nothing worse than a thin-soled plimsole sneaker that you feel every step of and gives literally no cushion nor comfort. So making these wearable all day long and feeling good for that entire day was our top priority. And so we created the perfect insole with arch support and cushion, one that supports the foot like a proper shoe and not your typical flat soled sneaker with no arch support. And better yet, for those with orthotics, the insole is completely removable.

We have priced our shoes to be as competitive as possible, offering great value for money here with a completely leather upper product, made in Italy, the country that naturally makes the best sneakers.


To kick off the collection, we are holding our consistent ‘Pre-Order Sale’. What this means, is that we give you first stabs at placing your order for them, at a discount, in exchange for waiting for the production to be made. That means, that what you are purchasing is your guaranteed pair but have to wait up to 4 months for it to arrive. It could be sooner but with European Summer closures in August, the factory cannot promise they will be done before that time but will do their best to do so.

The Pre-Order period ends Monday 8am, London time, 7th of May.

We hope that you enjoy what we have managed to create and as always for any questions, please

And P.S. the sneakers/chukkas run true to size. If are you always a UK10, order that.

Justin FitzPatrick

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