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Dear Supporters,

Many of you are probably thinking, ‘what the heck happened with those sneakers?’. And that is a good question. These were supposed to be launched at the beginning of August and were on track to as well until we received all 430 pairs of the order. Without going into detail on what happened, I will say that I was not pleased with the majority of what I received and asked for a remake, saving whatever I could of the preorders. Quality and detail are important to me so I took the blow to the company in order to come out with a product that I was 100% pleased with, albeit at a much later date.

And finally, we are getting to that point, having received half of the order (all things non-gum soled). We wanted to hurry up and get this out to all of you as we know that many of you are patiently waiting for this launch. Ideally, we would launch it all at the same time but even a week can make a difference in the Sneaker world.

So, here they are, 3 models of Olympia, our low top and 2 models of our Anacortes chukka boot. And we are very happy with the quality now and have even received some great feedback from clients that received their pre-order pairs that were in good form.

The sneakers will only be sold at our UK website and distributed from London for the time being. At our NYC location, we will soon have a size run for trying in order to ascertain sizing for online orders.

It is imperative that you†read the sizing guide†before purchasing in order to ensure the correct fit and size purchased.

***PLEASE READ CAREFULLY**** If you intended to take advantage of our free worldwide shipping for orders above £340 (i.e. buying two pairs of sneakers), and wanted to add a gum sole shoe to one of these, please purchase the one pair for now and leave in the notes, ‘HOLD SHIPMENT FOR GUM SOLE ORDER’ and indicate which one you were after. We will aim to launch the†gum soled†shoes next Friday and can issue you an invoice and refund the shipping you paid.†

If there is anything that we can help with, please email†justin@jfitzpatrickfootwear. com†for all orders coming from the Americas and†sjones@jfitzpatrickfootwear. com†for orders coming from everywhere else

Again, I appreciate everyone’s patience with these and wish all a great weekend!


Justin FitzPatrick


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