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It’s that time again!

As July 1st hit, a lot of Summer Sales went into effect.

Here is a list of some of the more notable ones of brands that I keep on top of.

Happy Shopping and wishing everyone in the US or otherwise a great 4th of July weekend!


A huge selection of models up to 35% off, with most of them around 20% off.

Find your pair here:



Another huge selection of models up to 25% off. Also some nice cordovan belts on offer too!

Find your pair here:



Yeossal recently moved their business and have a lot of changes in the works so have a large sale of shoes and clothing

Shoes around 20% off, clothing up to 40%

Find your deal here:



The sale by CNES at present is mainly an odd stock/sample style sale with odds and ends here and there. They won’t have size runs available but you can find yourself a really good deal if you are lucky. The shoe shown is a 42 and cost $137 USD. I hightly recommend using the size filter to make it easy for you

Find your pair here:



The Summer Sale by SL has a lot of odds and ends, with only a few models having larger size runs available. But there are a ton of accessories, especially all of the crocodile wallets, watch straps, belts etc. The discount ranges from 20%-40% depending on the model. Also a lot of great patina deals there!

Find your pair here:




A smaller sale overall but large discounts going up to 50% off. Also with some cool sharkskin wallets on offer

Find your pair here:



G&G is waiving MTO Fees for the month of July. That is a £350 discount which is significant.

Get those orders in!

Do so here:

Jesper of Shoegazing Blog also listed some brands that I do not follow as much so you can find that here:


2 thoughts on “Summer Sales Kicking Off!”

  1. As I gain weight for eating ice cream as well as milkshakes, my wallet is gradually losing weight from all this summer deals, not to mention the sample sale around the corner.

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