Burgundy Wholecuts by Altan Bottier

Burgundy Wholecuts by Altan Bottier

I have been saying it for years. There needs to be more burgundy wholecutson the scene. Nice to see that someone has actually created a selection of them. None other than Altan Bottier who in famous for their beautiful wholecut model and all of the various patina’s that they give it. But here you finally have it in the shades of red/burgundy and I couldn’t be more pleased to see them. While not a huge fan of the patent leather idea just imagine these done in a regular calfskin. That would be something. But I won’t rule out the suede one which for me is very striking as I do not think that I have ever seen a burgundy suede wholecutoxford and could personally see myself getting a lot of use out of that since we all know that I think that burgundy goes with everything. Imagine that underneath a nice subtle chalk stripedouble-breasted navy flannel suit? Wow! That would be an amazing outfit right there. So who’s going to do it?!

7 thoughts on “Burgundy Wholecuts by Altan Bottier”

  1. The “navy DB suit w/burgundy suede ones” thing would make my boss roll his eyes! One of these days I’m going to try it…

      1. I would love to order 7 pair of your shoes. Are you going to have a big sale on them . That would be nice . I want to do business with you guys . I want to show off your shoes to other brothers in church .

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