Spring Cleaning - Shoes I am Getting Rid Of

I have recently moved apartment and decided that with the move, I also needed to get rid of a lot of stuff as I simply have way too many shoes and clothes and want to make my life a lot more simple.

So here is the beginning of that quest to get rid of stuff. I have yet to fully shine all of these and present them with proper photography to get up on The Shoe Snob Marketplace but wanted to give a sneak peek for those of you that are eager to grab a pair or 3!

The sizing range from UK6/US7 to UK7/US8 with the majority being in UK6.5/US7.5

Prices range from $100 to $250 (for things unworn) with the majority being around $150-$200 particularly if they have trees and toe taps

For those interested in close up shots and more info please email me at justin@theshoesnob.com with the subject being ‘Spring Cleaning’ so I can keep track of everything easily.

Stay tuned for clothes/ties etc next up!


Spring Cleaning - Shoes I am Getting Rid Of Spring Cleaning - Shoes I am Getting Rid Of Spring Cleaning - Shoes I am Getting Rid Of




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