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In the modern-day, it is not a rule that button boots have to be worn with a suit. Sure, in the Victorian and Edwardian times, they did not wear chinos, jeans, and the like but instead wore?them with proper trousers, suits, and their garb of the era. But times have clearly changed since then. So have ideas on style, on ‘the rules’, and what is seen as acceptable versus not-acceptable.

There is nothing like putting on a three-piece suit with a pocket watch and going the full 9 yards with the button boot look. It feels good to dress like this even though some might see it as overkill. But being a jean guy myself, I love to incorporate the button boot with my more ‘smart casual’ way of dressing, putting them underneath a pair of tapered jeans and wearing them in a more relaxed way. And who is to say that this is wrong? Some menswear snobs will try but this is a mistake because ‘real style’ does not come in following the rules, but rather in creating the exceptions!


So here I show you some ‘smart casual’ ways to wear button boots. Of course, it is easy to wear these with a suit and be done with it, but here you can see a set of black jeans and navy chinos that pair very well with our modern-day Victorian model. I have met so many people that have questioned what they would wear these with and every time I tell them ‘with your normal clothes.’ And you would be surprised at how many of these boots we have sold and how many people are our there wearing them without suits and for normal functions and day to day use. The idea that this is a ‘dress-only’ model is flat-out a mistake.

So for those of you that have always been curious about the iconic model, don’t be afraid to take the jump into the deep end. I promise, after that first compliment you will be hooked.

Boots by J.FitzPatrick Footwear
Shirt by Yeossal
Shirt Jacket by Uniqlo
Chinos by Gap


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