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After waiting many months, we have finally received our stock (most†of it that is) and have officially launched our Summer Sale.

There are several facets to the Summer Sale so please read carefully below so that you understand it all.

As we continue to restructure J.FitzPatrick Footwear, we have felt it logistically easier†for us to simply run the sale on one site, the US website. For those of you in Europe, please take note of this.

For those of you with outstanding PreOrders, we are currently working on getting those all out. As a company with limited employees and a good amount of sales, it takes us time to shine, pack and ship everything. We are currently emailing all of you to make sure you are around to receive them.

The Core Stock Sale

As per usual,†we are discounting our Core stock, the models that will continue to be offered at JF Footwear. We are offering 20% discount to what is in stock and what will be arriving in 6 weeks time. After having a lot of PreOrders over the last few months, we had to make†a 2nd restock order but that is due to arrive towards the end of September.

The A/W Pre Order Boots Sale

During our Consolidation Sale, we nearly sold out of everything we had in stock. At that point we decided what we were going to go forward with for the next seasons and this collection is what will be restocked for A/W.

This stock has already been ordered so what is available to purchase is limited to what has been ordered. If you have been contemplating one of these models, best to act fast to ensure your pair.

For those of you that have already PreOrdered, your pairs have been ordered separately.

The Discontinued Models – Pre Sale

Further to our Consolidation Sale, we have decided to get rid of the models shown in this collection and are therefore offering you the chance at Pre-Purchasing them at 30% off.

However, we also decided to make it a little bit more interesting by adding a couple more Genesee’s and Alki’s to the mix. We will no longer the Genesee as a RTW product so wanted to give you one last chance to grab a few colorways before they become an MTO option only.

These will take around 4 months to produce from the end of the sale period. Expect them in January 2020.

The Sneaker Sale

We have discounted all of our current sneakers at 25% off

Now is a great time to grab these at an unbelievable price (for the quality that you are getting in return)

Please read the size guide carefully before purchasing!

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