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My company J.FitzPatrick Footwear has recently launched their latest set of GMTOs and are doing things a little bit different this offering. A lot of what you see here are models that have never even existed in our RTW collection, such as the two new ghillie offerings as well as the Bothell loafer and the Puyallup button boot and lastly the Sunnyside adelaide, thus making a much more attractive offering. These models all exist in our collection of designs but normally only available via MTO, until now. Secondly, we are opening up our size range available for this GMTO, not only going from UK5 all of the way to UK12 (with all half sizes between) but even more so are offering both E and F widths. So for those of you with a slightly wider foot not easily fitting into RTW, you now have the chance to get the F width without the MTO fee. This is a rare offering so best to take advantage of it now while it lasts. The offering of GMTO will go until the morning of March 5th (830am GMT) so there is still a week left of purchasing time. The leaders so far are the Puyallup button boot, the Leavenworth ghillie in brown and the Sunnyside adelaide. But still plenty of time to get on board for the other options for those of you who fancy the other offerings.

Things to Remember with GMTO
  1. We need a minimum of 6 purchases per model to clear the threshold for allowing the GMTO price to take place
  2. All GMTOs will come as seen in the photos and described in the facts. There cannot be any modifications made to the model
  3. All GMTOs come with Free Alderwood Shoe Trees
  4. All GMTOs take 3-4 months from the date that the offer ends, i.e.?March 5th. We always strive to make things faster but can never guarantee it
  5. All orders of models that do not reach the minimum threshold will be refunded on?March 6th.
  6. All GMTO orders are final. No returns/exchanges.
As always please do not hesitate to email for any questions you might have. Please email? Sincerely, Justin, ‘The Shoe Snob’
  1. The Alki chelsea boot
  2. The Sunnyside adelaide oxord 3. The Puyallup button boot 4. The Carkeek button boot 5. The Hawthorne Butterfly loafers 6. The Leavenworth ghillie brogue 7. The Everett ghillie   8. The Laurelhurst II in Tweed 9. The Bothell

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