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At the risk of sounding like a parrot, I must once again say that old tastes come back around and what I once liked then loathed is now starting to appeal to me yet again. Sometimes, I wonder if I start liking simply what I do not have and as I have a lot of what I do have, I start to seek that which is ‘not there.’ How complex it is to age. That being, my eyes have been wandering to zip boots as I feel like I have been seeing a lot of them lately as if it is the next big trend that is about to explode. One that is notable is this brand new model by Paul Parkman, which currently comes in the two colorways shown. But as you know with Paul Parkman, you can order what color you like as their RTW collection is treated like MTO with color options and quick delivery.


One of my favorite pairs of boots while working for Nordstrom, 16 years ago, was a pair of faux jodhpur side zip boot in this really lovely oxblood color, made by To Boot New York. I wore those things a lot. They had a great shape and a sleek and durable rubber sole. I want to say that they were my only zipper boot that I ever had but I could be forgetting something as back then I had a lot of shoes that I almost care to forget. Not so befitting my more classic nature. I was way bolder and almost silly back then. Now, a bit more refined 😉 But nonetheless, they were the best boot To Boot New York ever made and the more I am seeing zipper boots as of late, the more I am reminded of those and how much I enjoyed them.

Someone along the way during my time in London I became real snobby and did not want to think about anything that ‘cheated,’ so to speak. For me, a zipper was cheating. Boots should have laces (let’s not forget buttons ‘a la’ Victorian) so I started to scoff at Zipper boots. Then I reviewed a pair by Herring boots and got reminded that when done right, can be a great addition to one’s wardrobe. Now I am seeing them everywhere. And it has me thinking!

While a lot of Paul Parkman’s offering is a bit flash for me, more suitable to my old self, I like that as of late they are mixing it up with some classic pieces (for them). I doubt they will produce this in straight-black calf as a RTW option, but am sure you could request it. And now I am pondering a pair for myself…..hmmmm.

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