Cool Boots For A Cool Guy

Cool Boots For A Cool Guy

I recently stumbled upon a very cool pair of boots from French shoemakers George & Georges. I screenshot them and saved them for a future post. A day later, while scrolling my IG timeline, I saw those same pair of boots were being worn by a very cool French gentleman that I follow. I knew immediately that I had to write about them as they are refreshingly unique and I love the coincidence of it all. What really caught my eye was the unique reverse patina and the colors of the boots, from cream to dark brown. On top of the cool patina was a very unique canvas-like material in the shaft. And to top it all off, I was very curious with regards to the unique cut of the top line of the shaft, which I can only imagine is for ergonomic purposes.

Cool Boots For A Cool Guy

The guy in question is a mystery to me, with regards to who he is and what he does, but I stumbled across him about a year ago and have been appreciating his posts and his style ever since. What I can say about him is while he appears to model for many, I am sure he does something else. But he looks like a cool, nice guy and he has impeccable style. So it is no wonder to find him wearing these boots and matching them to a T, as he so eloquently does with many of his outfits/shoe combos.

The boot appears to be a special project as you will not find it on their website, but I am sure it is still orderable. You can also see another very cool, blackish-blue patina with the same cream toe. Also very very cool. The patina artist is named ShoeShinor. See his details below.

Always great to see cool projects come to fruition. I look forward to seeing more variations of this boot and patina!

George & Georges website:
Guy wearing the boots:
Patina Artist:


Cool Boots For A Cool Guy Cool Boots For A Cool Guy Cool Boots For A Cool Guy

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  1. If memory serves me well, and it’s the same guy I’m thinking about, he seems to be a gynecologist. I hope I haven’t mixed him up with someone else.

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