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My own hypocrisy as of late has been quite entertaining as I sit and realize how different my tastes are from 5 years ago. It would appear that everything that I did not like before, I now like and a lot of what I previously liked is not as appealing to me anymore. They try to tell you this when you are young, that your tastes will drastically change. Yet like a good ‘ol young buck, you never believe it and loathe the very thought of it. Case in point, my whole life I was a city boy. I loved the city, the fast-paced lifestyle, everything within a finger’s reach and more people to be around and see. I recently moved to the Burb’s and loathe the thought of ever again living in the city. Even more so, am thinking that I still need to move further away, to have more peace and more quiet. 5 years ago me would have told me now that I was crazy. But here we are.

In steps the zip boot. I feel like I have been down this path before, with chelseas. For those that know me longer than a few years, you know that in my beginning days, I never liked chelsea boots. Now l have like 15 pairs of them and simply spend most of my Autumn/Winter days in them. The zip boot is kind of the same, although what I did not like about them was the actual zipper, me being snobby and all. But as I get older, I think ‘who cares,’ if one wants to cheat with zippers. That’s life. That’s aging. And the reality is that the zipper actually gives it the good shape that the gore of a chelsea often does not (assuming good makers and all). The zip boot is often a closer more snug fit. If it is not, then it just looks terrible with all of that excess space.

So, what made me have zip boots back on my radar were these beauties by Graziat Taipei. I saw these and was floored. The shape of them was just beyond hypnotizing and anyone with eyes could be easily attracted to them. Then I kept seeing more and more and they started to grow on me. But had this pair not been the first one the other pairs would have just went through my vision without a 2nd thought. That is the beauty of great design and craftsmanship. A million brands can make the same thing, but few can do it right. And that is what I love about Graziat shoes. You can feel the time put into them, thought-wise, and craftsmanship-wise. Find me a better zip boot. I bet you can’t!

I look forward to seeing what colorways Graziat comes up with on these. That teal marble? Or the red even. That would be something else. But it takes an order to realize new models. As a small maker with high cost goods, I am sure that samples are not being made left and right.

So, let’s see which one of you orders a pair and in what color???

Graziat IG:

Graziat soon coming website:

6 thoughts on “The Side Zip Boot by Graziat Taipei”

  1. Eliezer Nahum Msutu

    It’s a very beautiful boot, how much will it cost. I first heard about you from Hugo Jacomet and his wife on YouTube, they speak highly of you. And I’ve seen your beautiful designs especially the sneakers. I’m impressed keep up the good work.

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Thank you for your kind words. I do appreciate it. Unfortunately, I do not know the price of these boots. It would be best to contact Graziat Taipei directly on Instagram if possible.

    2. A little north of $1,000. More of you want shoe trees which you definitely do. Working with Mr. Wilbur on a pair now. Custom patina. I sent him pictures and we will see what he comes up with 🙂

  2. Peter Harrison

    Justin, my friend, you rock. That’s all there is to it. I’m sitting here laughing, because you’re young and probably have another half-century of mind changing ahead of you. That is what makes life sweet. But if you ever reach the point of wearing Chuck Taylors with a bespoke suit, please don’t blog about that. I’ve been in real shoes for only a few years and already my tastes have changed drastically. (Sometimes with your assistance.) I have a half dozen pair boxed up in my trunk to take to a son-in-law who wears my size. He loves it when my tastes change.

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Thank you Peter, I only try to call it like I see it 😉 And not to worry, no chuck’s with suits. No mid-life crisis here. Just evolving tastes, usually keeping it classic and more so if anything.

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