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Here I have the honor of unboxing (or unbagging in reality) a wonderful signature travel bag by Frank Clegg.

For those of you that do not know Frank Clegg, they are one of the most respected and well know makes of quality leather goods, Made in America. Their bags are easily the best in the world and with reasonable price tags attached

Here I unbag one of their signature models found at the link below.

Enjoy this video!


1 thought on “The Shoe Snob – Unboxing Series – Frank Clegg”

  1. It is such a pleasure when you own a quality product. Frank’s products are the highest quality leather goods (non-shoes) that I have ever encountered. I get so many compliments on my English Bridle Leather weekend bag similar to the one you have just unpacked. Frank also has a number of unique designs that would be wonderful to own! Too bad that they are heirloom quality so replacement doesn’t happen very often.

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