A good travel bag is an essential piece for men that see themselves leaving their house more often than not. There are a lot of bags out there able to be used for your daily travel if not only longer/larger travel needs. And I am convinced that there is only but one “best” of the lot. That bag is Frank Clegg’s Signature Travel Duffle, in the large size, as shown here.

I travel a lot. At least, I used to travel a lot. Travel these days simply consists of walks in the park on sunny days which still seem the far and few between even though we are in mid-May. But nonetheless when I used to travel it was often 2-4 day trips, mainly for trunk shows and short trips to the factory. There is nothing I despise more than the journey to the plane and mainly the time spent at the airport. I am just waiting for Elon Musk to make teleportation happen. Maybe in my son’s time? Anyway, due to this disdain for the travel part of the trip that I am not fond of, I try to avoid two things. 1. Bringing a large, checked bag and 2. So I dont have to spend time checking it in and then waiting for it when I get off the of the plane. It is my goal to travel like that every time if I can, especially in this day and age of ridiculous checked bag/overweight fees.

So a large handbag that you can throw over your shoulder is the ideal complement to your small trolley bag. The travel bag by Frank Clegg is the perfect size for maximizing space for your shoes as the trolley bags always have those bars that run the bottom of them that often make it awkward to put your shoes perfectly. Therefore, I tend to use this bag for shoe travel, putting the rest in the trolley bag. And between the two I can probably get a week’s worth of clothing (expert packing takes skill 😉 . It perfect fits 3 pairs of shoes and if you have a small size you just might be able to get a forth (with shoe trees, without should be easier if you are willing to cram. I don’t recommend that though.

The only issue with this bag is that some airlines are being overly critical of the size of your carry-on and will make you check this. And that is the last thing you want to do. This lovely suede wont last the abuse the luggage handlers inflict. So make sure you check your dimensions when traveling on a plane with this bag.

They have an infinite amount of color/material options on this bag, and even MTO program to really go wild with. My personaly favorite is the one I have in suede/leather combo. The suede is soft soft and plush yet strong. I really feel that because of the suede it complements everything. I need one in black now!


*All photos (except mine) courtesy of Frank Clegg’s IG account*

3 thoughts on “The Perfect Travel Bag – Frank Clegg”

  1. I agree 1000%! I have the same bag in English Harness Leather. I love the quality compared to any other bag on the market. I’ve also bought other products from Frank and communicated with him directly! Class organization, great design, and just a generational product. I assume I found Frank advertised on your blog!

  2. Great post I have been looking for a shoe bag how do you fit three pairs in the bag? Do you have to stack them on top of each other is that safe for the shoes during travel? Because of this I was always looking for a compartment style bag buy maybe I’m wrong? For reference I travel with shoe trees and dust bags

    It would be great if you could do an instructional video or post about this as it has been a question of mine I collect shoes and love them I want to enjoy them on vacation at the same time I’m concerned about damage during travel thx

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Thanks Riz, glad that you enjoyed it. Yes I just stacked them on top of each other, even with shoe trees. But I have good shoe bags that protect and like I said I only carry this with me. I would never check this bag so they dont get damaged

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